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Wild Minnesota:A Celebration of Our State’s Natural Beauty

Photography by Gary Alan Nelson Text by Shawn Perich
Voyageur Press, $29.95

s40~s250x500Wild Minnesota: A Celebration of Our State’s Natural Beauty will either make you proud to be a Minnesotan or make you wish you were one. Minnesota’s lakes, rivers, forests, and prairies have been captured through Gary Alan Nelson’s camera lens. Naked mussel shells gleam on the beach of an inland lake, grass whips beneath stormy piebald skies on a Minnesota prairie, voluptuous blue berries peek through a lichen-encrusted rock fissure in Superior National Forest, sighing mists hang over the stillness of a lake at dawn. The images startle us with their beauty.

Shawn Perich has woven a fascinating narrative about the diverse natural wonders of the state, which draws upon both natural and human history. His love of the country is transparent in his prose, which is as striking as are Nelson’s photographs.

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