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The Snow Walker’s Companion: Winter Camping Skills for the North

Snow Walker's Companion: Winter Camping Skills for the NorthThe Snow Walker’s Companion: Winter Camping Skills for the North is a refreshing, honest read.

Emphasizing tradition over trendy, this an excellent compendium of practical information about winter camping and travel in the North. The authors are Maine guides with extensive experience traveling in Canada’s frozen wilds, who have learned much from the North’s native inhabitants. Don’t expect to read about high-tech gear, space age clothing, or funky foodstuffs. As the authors point out, much of the equipment on the market is better suited to recreational day-trippers and gadget freaks than it is the day-to-day realities of northern life.

Consider this discussion of GPS units: “Be cautious. These things are exciting and very fun. You might even have a real use for one. However, you still need all of your map, compass and navigation skills for most of the complexities of bush travel. The GPS is an extra thing to pack; and since it runs on batteries, it can fail.”

By Garrett and Alexandra Conover
Stone Ridge Press, $24.95

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