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In the Night of Memory By Linda LeGarde Grover
In the Night of Memory By Linda LeGarde Grover

In the Night of Memory

In the Night of Memory returns to the fictional reservation of Linda LeGarde Grover’s previous award-winning books, introducing readers to a new generation of the Gallette family, as Azure and Rain, ages 3 and 4, make their way home after their mother disappears. After a string of foster replacements, the Ojibwe girls find their way back to their extended Mozhay family and a new set of challenges, and stories, unfold. Grover conjures a chorus of women’s voices to fill in the sorrows and joys, the loves and losses that brought the girls and their people to this moment. Told through generations of relatives, In the Night of Memory is a moving story of two girls becoming women, while shadowing Native American history and the current crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women in the U.S. and Canada.

By Linda LeGarde Grover
2019, University of Minnesota Press, $22.95

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