Northern Wilds Magazine

The Cutest Critter


Story by Marion Dane Bauer
Photography by Stan Tekiela

Adventure Publications, hardcover, $14.95

The jury’s out—which critter is the cutest? Journey through the woods in this rhyming children’s picture book in the search for “the cutest critter in the land.” The book ups the “Awwww,” factor on each page with a new photograph of an adorable baby animal. From lynx kittens snuggling to baby raccoons all lined up in a row, Tekiela’s years of wildlife photography experience are evident in these peeks at the forest’s smallest friends. As if their oversized paws, teeny tiny ears and tiny twitching noses weren’t enough, the Critter Corner at the back of the book has fun facts about each animal (and even more pictures!).

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