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Lamplight: A Silver Islet Saga


By Bill MacDonald
Borealis, $18.95

In his most recent release, Lamplight: A Silver Islet Saga, author Bill MacDonald takes on a trip down Memory Lane. He, along with several members of his extended family, spend a weekend at the old homestead reminiscing about the origins of the Tredgold clan. Starting with his orphaned great-grandfather Leonidas Tredgold’s arrival in Canada as a young boy, following him through marriage and the beginning of a very peculiar family. We hear tales of friendships, relationships and hardships along way. With the addition of Uncle Lester’s Rum Punch, innocent nostalgic stories turn into ones of scandals and accusations, and a weekend of family togetherness reveals things that will not, or should not, be passed on to the future generations.—Billi Carlson

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