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Night Sky:A Field Guide to the Constellations


By Jonathan Poppele
Adventure Publications, Softcover, $14.95

You might be able to spot a few of the well-known constellations in the sky—the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, Orion and his distinctive three-starred belt—but the heavens may just open up to you with Night Sky, A Field Guide to the Constellations. Sectioned into seasons best for viewing each constellation, the book has full-color illustrations of each constellation, overhead “where-to-look” star maps, “where-to-look” horizon maps, and notes and details about each group of stars. The book sections constellations into four categories from “easy,” through “challenge,” so everyone from beginner to expert can learn something new. Included with the book is a pocketsized card flashlight, which uses a red LED bulb, allowing you to reference the book while star spotting without sacrificing your night vision.

Purchase Separately: A matching set of playing cards with a different constellation on each card is also available. Each suit represents the best seasons for viewing the stars. Use them to play your favorite card games, and before you know it you’ll start to learn the constellations without even trying.

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