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Book Cover of the Edmund Fitzgerald, the Legendary Great Lakes Shipwreck
This haunting tale looks back to one of the most legendary, mysterious, and controversial shipwrecks of the Great Lakes. $9.95 USD

Edmund Fitzgerald,The Legendary Great Lakes Shipwreck


By Elle Andra-Warner

North Shore Press, Softcover, $9.95

A timeless tale with plenty of history and a fair dose of mystery, Edmund Fitzgerald: The Legendary Great Lakes Shipwreck is a fascinating account of the 1975 wreck of the Fitzgerald during a Lake Superior storm and the total loss of its crew.

Elle Andra-Warner’s very readable book presents more than just the tale of the wreck, delving into the history of the Fitzgerald family, the rise of the shipping industry on the Great Lakes (and the wrecks that accompanied it), and a little background on the ferocity of Lake Superior’s weather. —Kate Watson

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