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Baptism River Rapids. Photo Contest submission by Walt Huss.Tait River Autumn Gold by Linda Dunlap. 2018 Photo Contest submission.Snow at Gooseberry Falls by Jeanie Jordan. 2018 Photo Contest submission.

Waterfalls Along Lake Superior’s North Shore

Gooseberry Falls, Cascade River, Kadunce Creek, the Devil’s Kettle and Kakabeka Falls are but a few of the scenic waterfalls along Lake Superior’s North Shore in Minnesota and Ontario. Most are located within easy walking distance from the parking area. The best time to view the waterfalls in their rushing splendor is during the spring melt in April and May. Some people prefer to visit during the summer or see a waterfall framed with colorful autumn foliage. During winter, you can cross-country ski or snowshoe along frozen rivers to view the falls. A favorite winter destination the canyon and barrier fall on the Devil Track River east of Grand Marais, Minnesota.

Many state and provincial parks include waterfalls that are accessible from hiking trails or have viewing platforms.

Minnesota State Parks with Waterfall Access

Ontario Provincial Parks with Waterfall Access

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