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ThermaCELL Heated Insoles ProFLEX


MSRP $179.99

The same company that makes Thermacell mosquito lanterns also makes heated insoles (they have us covered in both seasons). The original Thermacell insoles have an embedded rechargeable battery that is operated by a wireless remote. The ProFlex version has removable batteries, which means if you have an extra set you can swap them out and keep on doing your cold thing once the first five hours of battery life has expired. You can recharge the batteries using a wall charger or USB port. There are three settings, so you can turn the heat up or off with your remote control—no need to go fishing out the insoles once you’ve put them in.

For anyone spending time in the cold outdoors this winter, this is the solution to cold feet. Seem pricey? Ask yourself once your feet are numb how much you’d spend right then to have them feel toasty. Yeah, I thought so.—Erin Altemus

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