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Cold Avenger Expedition Balaclava


MSRP $79.95

As you can see from the picture, this thing is ala Darth Vader. But, you have to figure that when it’s -20F, there will be no one around to see you wearing this space-age mask, or they will be too cold too care, unless they are wearing one too.

The Cold Avenger is basically your average balaclava gone polar vortex. The fabric is tightly knit and highly wind-resistant. The ventilator portion is an additional face mask that velcroes on and off easily. The ventilator itself allows you to breathe freely while keeping your face warm and dry and it whisks that moist breath away and into the sky. You can wear this with goggles and/or a helmet making this great for any outdoor activity in the winter. So get your Darth Vader on and avenge that cold. —Erin Altemus

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