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Sounding Thunder

The Stories of Francis Pegahmagabow
By Brian D. McInnes
Michigan State University Press, $24.95

Francis Pegahmagabow, a member of the Ojibwe nation, was born in Shawanaga, Ontario. Enlisting at the onset of WWI, he became the most decorated Canadian Indigenous soldier for bravery and the most accomplished sniper in North American military history. After the war, he settled in Wasauksing, Ontario, and served his community as both chief and councillor. Presented in their original Ojibwe, as well as in English translation, Pegahmagabow’s stories describe many parts of his Anishinaabe life and world view. In Sounding Thunder, Brian McInnes provides new prospective on Pegahmagabow and his experience through a unique synthesis of Ojibwe oral history, historical record and Pegahmagabow family stories.Breana Roy


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