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New technology at Sawtooth Mountain Clinic

Sawtooth Mountain Clinic in Grand Marais is updating technology to offer personalized healthcare at a small-town clinic and cutting edge, precise medical record-keeping.

Previously for annual physicals and other appointment types, each visit required paperwork mailed to a patient’s home, with instructions to fill it out and bring it to the appointment. Patients who did not bring the paperwork were required to fill it out at their appointment, which led to delays for them and other patients.

The system is about to become more streamlined. Patients will be given both a registration time and an appointment time. The registration time is for updating patient information and the appointment time is to meet with the provider. When arriving to register, for some types of appointments, patients will be handed an iPad. Front-desk staff will answer any questions patients may have about how to use it. Using the iPad, the patient will enter their information directly into their medical records. This not only saves time, it improves accuracy, and increases confidentiality.

Registration time will be scheduled for either 10 or 20 minutes before the appointment time, depending on the appointment type. Being on-time will assure that patients get their full scheduled appointment time and all their provider’s attention. Late arrivals may have their appointment rescheduled, so that other patients’ appointments aren’t impacted.

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