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Magic Cool Personal Cooling Cloth


Even near Lake Superior, there are days in the summer when keeping cool outdoors is an unavoidable priority. So when we received a Magic Cool Personal Cooling Cloth by Grabber at a trade show, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. The neat thing about this cloth is that you just add water – no refrigerating or freezing needed. As long as the Magic Cool fabric is damp, it stays cool to the touch. This was great for cooling off after my morning run and to soothe the sore muscles in my back. When I finished using it, I would just hang it to dry and it was ready the next time I needed it.

At 15 by 25 inches, the cloth is a good size for packing along in a backpack, bag or purse. It comes with a fastener so you can attach it to your bag to dry. This product can be purchased at a number of retailers in the Northern Wilds. MSRP $15.99. More information at www.grabberworld.comAmber Pratt

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