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Go Caddy


We all know we are supposed to be drinking more water, but unless you’re sitting at your desk or riding in a car, it can be a real pain to carry that jug around. Enter the Go Caddy. This microfiber bag lets you tote water along on walks, shopping excursions, sports events, seminars and any other place you need to stay hydrated. It can handle a variety of bottle sizes up to 1.5 liters.

The long, adjustable strap makes it easy to change length for wearing it over your shoulder or across your body sling-style. It also has additional pockets. One dual pocket is pleated and closes with a secure Velcro flap. This space is ideal for notes, credit cards, money and license/identification.The other pocket is elastic and works well for easy-to-grab items like a cell phone, or glasses. There’s even a metal clip for your keys or your hat. The only thing I disliked about the Go Caddy was the roughness of the Velcro on my hand when I would reach into the pocket to grab something. Other than that, it was a great size and held all the items I needed with me. MSRP $19.99. Details at Pratt

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