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Lake Fish

Modern Cooking with Freshwater Fish
By Keane Amdahl
Minnesota Historical Press, $24.95

The Midwest is home to an abundance of streams and lakes, and these freshwater sources offer up much bounty, from the classic panfish and trout to walleye and Lake Superior ciscoes. Creative home cook Keane Amdahl provides creative and easy ways to prepare this versatile protein source. Arranged by fish type, recipes include appetizers like sunfish pot stickers and harissa grilled smelt with mint and cilantro yogurt; new interpretations of soup and salad standbys like whitefish and white bean soup and smoked trout kale niçoise; and flavorful main dishes like BBQ northern with Cajun fried rice and walleye basil stir-fry. A great cookbook for anyone who wishes to enjoy their catch of the day.Breana Roy


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