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Artwork by Sam Zimmerman.

Gookomisag Niimi: She Dances for her Grandmothers

Niimi (She dances) has come to me a few times over the past few months, but I couldn’t see the whole picture she was telling me. When I was in Voyageur National Park, my nookomisag (grandmothers) and the feeling of their absence sat with me under the dibikad (night) giizhig (skies). I miss their wisdom, humor and what they meant to our families. I’ve never painted a piece to honor them. There are 147 anangoog (stars) in the giizhig (sky) for their total ages when they journeyed on. The anangoog (stars) in the maskwe (shawl) hold my age. I added the madoodiswan (wigwam) constellation as I feel them with me when I’m in nature in prayer.

Niimi (she dances) is dancing with an ishkode (fire) honoring gookomisag (her grandmothers). This is my first niimi (she dances) piece in a year.

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