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Artwork by Sam Zimmerman. | SUBMITTED

Gichi-onigamiing Waagosh: Grand Portage Fox

I saw a miikawaadad (beautiful) waagosh (fox) a couple weeks ago when I was coming down Highway 61 zhaawanong (south of) Gichi-onigamiing (Grand Portage), but I couldn’t stop fast enough to take a picture. I asked my niwiijiwaaganag (friends) to share any waagosh (fox) photos they had to help me capture this beautiful manidoo (spirit). The flash of its fur against the wiigwaasaatigoog (birch trees) and the new ashkibagaa (green leaves) of ziigwan (spring) was striking. It was like a dancing ishkode (fire) through the trees. I always zaagitoon (love, treasure it) when these little manidoog (spirits) appear and share their lives with me.

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