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Artwork by Sam Zimmerman.

Friends Gather Together

This past November, my niijikwe (female friend) and I maamawinige (gathered) with her family for a minwanjigewin (to eat something that tastes good and is good for you) family dinner. During dinner, a gwanaaj waagosh (beautiful fox) came into the backyard a couple of times where we could ganawaabanjigaade (watch him) from the dining room table.

He was so gwanaaj (beautiful) that I giiwe (came home) and sketched him out. I included the makwa (bear) with the waagosh (fox) as the makwa indoodem (bear clan) care and provide guardianship of family. Ishkode (a fire) is burning, depicting zaagi’idiwin (the mutual love) and warmth of family. I wanted to capture that beautiful evening filled with laughter and love and a special visit in a painting.

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