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Best Books for a Northern Wilds Winter

Baby, it’s cold outside…So why not stay inside by the fire, grab a cup of hot chocolate and curl up with a good book. Here are suggestions from our Northern Wilds staff for a good read this winter.

The Compassionate Hunt_optJulia Prinselaar

“The Compassionate Hunter’s Guidebook: Hunting from the Heart” by Miles Olson: When it comes to hunting for sustenance, Miles Olson delves into the heart of the matter. In his second manifesto, the author offers personal insight into responsible hunting practices and how they are intimately tied to the land. This practical manual exposes the complex and often unrecognized relationship between hunter and prey. Highly recommended to anyone curious about the reverence and philosophy behind harvesting wild meat.

Yes Please - Katie_optFrom Katie Viren

“Yes Please” by Amy Poehler: I appreciate Amy Pohler’s candor, courage and humor in her memoir, “Yes Please.” I was impressed with how she waded into events that she wasn’t proud of and her path toward resolution. The book was peppered with funny prose and quotes by Pema Chodron, which made me appreciate her even more. I got this as an audio book. Poehler did a special taping for this book and had a whole collection of guest voices, including Carol Burnett and Patrick Stewart, making it a very pleasant listen.

North Shore - Shawn_fmtFrom Shawn Perich

“North Shore: A Natural History of Minnesota’s Superior Coast” by Chel Anderson and Adelheid: I bought this book shortly after it came out last summer and must admit I’ve yet to finish reading it. Perhaps I never will. This is because it contains an incredible treasure trove of the North Shore’s natural history. You can only read so much of it before you must put it down and ponder what you have learned. If you want to understand how nature works in this cold, wet corner of the world, there is no better source.

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