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The Perfect Bungee


The rubber or elastic bungee is an item most outdoor enthusiasts can’t do without, although we must put up with occasional failings when the bungees break or become stretched out. Enter the Perfect Bungee from Just Ducky Products. Made of polyethylene, the company says Perfect Bungee maintains its elasticity, doesn’t break and is impervious to the elements. After a midwinter test, we have no reason to disagree. In subzero weather, the Perfect Bungee remains flexible and easy to use. While the company says the bungees stretch to twice their length, but it is not easy to do so, making them great to tightly snug items subjected to rugged conditions and movement. Perfect Bungees have an array of colors, styles and lengths, as well as hook or loop ends. Visit the company at —Shawn Perich

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