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Survival and First Aid Kits: Don’t leave home without these!


Survival and First Aid Kits: Don’t leave home without these!

Adventure Medical Kit .5 MSRP $17.00

Pocket Survival Pak MSRP $34.00

First, go read “Lost in the Wild” by Cary Griffiths about two separate men that both become lost in the Northern Wilds (one on the Pow-Wow Trail near Isabella and the other in Quetico). After reading, you will want a survival kit to take any time you go in the woods, be it for hunting, hiking, canoeing, and snowmobiling. Heck, you could even be stranded in your car in a snowstorm and you would want this. You just never know what can happen, and having some essential tools—a signal mirror, fire sparker and tinder firestarter, rescue whistle, nylon cord, a tiny compass, scalpel blade, fish hook and much more—just may save your life.

Adventure Medical Kits makes both survival kits and first-aid kits in many different sizes for all kinds of different needs. The Medical Kit .5 is great for a solo adventurer and provides the basic necessities for on-site wound care, as well as, mole skin for blisters and basic medication.

Both of these kits weigh a mere 3 ounces. Be prepared for the unexpected.—Erin Altemus

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