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Sports SUV Tent 82000

003_opt~s250x500The Sports SUV Tent 82000 by Napier Outdoors wraps around the hatch and cargo area of your SUV so you can use the vehicle for extra space and storage. We found the tent was easy for two people to set up. A roomy interior (9×9 ft.) and a high ceiling (7 ft.) make the tent suitable for cots and spacious enough to two or three people and their gear. A full rain fly and awning (not shown in photo), plus a bathtub-style floor allow the tent to be a rainy day base camp. The tent has two large entrance doors, three windows with storm flaps and two skylights. You don’t have to use the SUV attachment. If you do, the only drawback we noted is if you leave the hatch open for an extended period, the interior lights in the vehicle may drain the battery. Suggested retail $339. www.napieroutdoors .com —Amber Pratt

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