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Soggy Doggy Dog Towel

tanner_blue_opt~s250x500Got a wet dog? If so, get a Soggy Doggy towel, too. It’s great for sopping up drippy dogs prior to getting into a vehicle or coming in the house. We used it on a wet yellow Lab and a wet shepherd-husky. While neither dog was bone-dry when we were done, they were dry enough to be welcome indoors and not have “wet dog” smell. Made of microfiber chenille, Soggy Doggy is remarkably absorbent, dries quickly and remains bacteria and odor-free. Soggy Doggy’s Super Shammy is intended for wiping down wet dogs, while the Slop Mat can be used as a crate liner or throw rug. For information, go to: —Shawn Perich

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