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Artwork by Sam Zimmerman.

Smoking Mixture Chickadee

When I was a gwiiwizens (boy), imbaabaa (my father) and nimishoomenh (my uncle) took me down to my nimishoomis (my grandfather’s) childhood home in Cannonball Bay, Gichi-onigamiing (Grand Portage Reservation). They showed me where my aanikoobijigan (ancestor, great grandmother) had her miskwaabiimizh (red dogwood) that she would harvest for her Kinnikinnick (smoking mixture). It was the first time I ever harvested it.

Recently, I went out to harvest some miskwaabiimizh (red dogwood) and this little gijigijigaaneshiinh (chickadee) sat right next to me ganawaabi (she/he looks, watching) and singing. I watched for a few minutes, put down aseema (tobacco) and left before the bangishimo (sunset). I had been thinking about the quiet of the evening and wanted to capture it in a painting.

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