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See Your Dog After Dark

nnd_feature_00_l_opt~s250x500NiteIze has really great lights for dog owners who take their pets out after dark. This winter, my dogs are wearing the SpotLit LED Collar Light and the Nite Dawg Collar Cover. My rangy yellow Lab has the surprisingly bright, red Collar Light, making him easy to see as he roams around our expansive backyard. Attached to his collar with a strong carabiner clip, the Collar Light has survived frequent runs in the woods. My older, less energetic husky-shepherd is wearing the Collar Cover, an illuminated strip that is somewhat obscured by her heavy fur. It easily attached to her collar with Velcro and would be fully visible on a flat-furred dog. Both lights have glow and flash modes. MSRP on the SpotLit is $7.19 and the Nite Dawg LED collar cover is $11.99. — Shawn Perich

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