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“Plant a Pocket of Prairie”


“Plant a Pocket of Prairie”

By Phyllis Root with Illustrations by Betsy Bowen

University of Minnesota Press, 2014

Studies have found that children today can recognize corporate logos and brands before they even learn to read. But their knowledge of native plants and animals is at an all-time low (and not much different for many adults). “Plant a Pocket of Prairie,” to me, is a call to teach children about the native plants, animals, birds and insects that once covered much of Minnesota.

“Plant a Pocket of Prairie” teaches us the names of plants we should all be familiar with—foxglove beardtongue, butterfly weed, blazing star—and also teaches us how these plants are important for the birds and insects that rely on them for their own survival. The book encourages children and parents to try planting their own pocket of prairie to see who might come visit.

Grand Marais’ own Betsy Bowen does the illustrations that are both whimsical, educational and inspiring. What an important book for adults to share with the young ones in their life. – Erin Altemus

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