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Artwork by Sam Zimmerman.

Nigig Mookise: Morning Otter

This past niibin (summer) when I was working on a mural in the Voyageur National Park, I found a nigig (otter) that had been hit by a car. I pulled off Highway 53 and moved her off the road. Mino-giizhigad (It was a beautiful day) with the rich ozhaawashkwaande (blue) of the giizhi (sky) above me. Mizhakwad (the sky was clear). I sat down next to her in the tall grass I placed her in it. I put down aseema (tobacco) to honor her manidoo (spirit). I was struck by her miikawaadad (beauty) and the softness of her fur.

In this painting, I wanted to honor her life, her journey, by placing her on the shores of Gitchi Gami (Lake Superior) at mookise (dawn).

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