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Artwork by Sam Zimmerman.

Manidoo Makwa: Spirit Bear

My nindaangoshenh (cousin) shared a wawiiyazh (funny) story about hearing something in the middle of the naakshig (night). She said she woke up a few weeks ago because of an enigok (loud) noise on her deck. She went downstairs to find a makwa (bear) looking through the window at her. The makwa (bear) onabi (he took a seat) on her deck. Wiisini (he was eating) the seeds and bagaanag (nuts) that she keeps out there. She told the makwa (bear) that they weren’t for him and he needed to ngaabzan (stop) and leave. I laughed and asked her, “Well what did you think was going to happen with leaving food out?” She said he gave her a dirty look as he walked off into the trees. Baabaapi’idiwag (We kept laughing at each other about it). I painted this piece, Manidoo Makwa (Spirit Bear) to honor this story.

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