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Lake Nipigon: Where the Great Lakes Begin

By Nancy Scott
Dundurn Press, 2015

Lake nip_optLake Nipigon is the largest inland lake within Ontario. Its name translates loosely in Ojibwa to “the lake that extends over the horizon.” The lake itself is wild and remote, renowned for its legendary fishing opportunities and unusual geographical features that give it a distinct beauty.

Writer Nancy Scott, a park planner with the Ministry of Natural Resources, provides an extensive natural history of this great lake, including the aboriginal history, geographical forces that shaped the lake, and the communities that remain today. She discusses the woodland caribou population that remains in the area, though they are threatened, the fishery of the lake, the fur trade era, hydro power in the region, and outdoor adventure pursuits. This comprehensive overview of the lake that inspired the children’s book “Paddle to the Sea” is full of stories and information that broadens our understanding of Lake Nipigon.—Erin Altemus

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