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Icebreaker Cascade Hoodie

icebreaker-realfleece_opt~s250x500I think the sheep are laughing at us; they knew it all along. What makes the best fleece? Why, fleece, of course. In a departure from the standard polyester polarfleece jacket, Icebreaker created their “Real Fleece Line” — fleece jackets made of 100 percent wool. Far from a Jason and the Argonauts style sheep pelt, the Cascade Hoodie is made of soft merino wool with a fuzzy warm interior and a smooth outer face. I literally lived in it for months. It was the first thing I put on during chilly days and it looks none the worse for wear. Not only does it have all the merits of wool (breathable, no stink, warm when wet) but feminine seaming makes for an impeccable fit. A roomy hood and zippered hand pockets make the jacket a no-brainer for everyday wear, or layering or outdoor sports. The hoodie retails for $200. www.icebreaker.comKate Watson

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