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GSI Glacier Stainless 14-cup Percolator

img_6202_opt~s250x500Anybody looking for a sturdy camp percolator that’ll serve multiple heads per brew should be pleased to own this stainless kettle. At about 2 pounds, it may not fit the bill for the backpacking crowd, but lighter percolators usually aren’t very durable. The Glacier was worth every extra ounce on a pair of canoe trips this fall to the Boundary Waters and down northwest Wisconsin’s Namekagon River. Most importantly, it brews a tasty cup of coffee, and, even using a medium grind, very few grounds found their way out of the basket, so the “cowboy coffee” quotient was down. It worked equally as well both over a fire and atop camp stoves. The entire device, from its handle down to its innards are built to last, though I should mention the swinging handle did come off a few times, though it snapped right back on undamaged. The Glacier retails for $59.95. www.gsioutdoors.comJavier Serna

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