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Geraldton Back Doors

Geraldton-Back-Doors-5_optGeraldton Back Doors
By E. J. Lavoie
WhiskeyJack Publishers, $24.95

Geraldton Back Doors, the second in the Kennet Forbes novel series, (The Beardmore Relics was the first), is a fast-paced murder mystery set in Northwestern Ontario. Thunder Bay media university professor Forbes, a former war correspondent and national TV newsman, is once again taking on sleuthing.

Lavoie’s storytelling style uses skillfully crafted dialogue and plenty of story twists-and-turns to deliver a gripping tale of murder and intrigue. The book delivers a solid story that takes in back roads (which the author knows well), a war in Bosnia, cannabis grow-ops, outlaw bikers, the ‘pipeline,’ drug dealers, paddling, fishing and the region’s rivers and lakes. The book is a page-turner, keeping the suspense tight to the surprising end. And it’s great to read a novel that takes place in Lake Superior Country.Elle Andra-Warner

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