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Artwork by Sam Zimmerman.
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Gaagaagi Gizhaazh (Raven Watch Over)

A couple months ago, a gaagaagi (raven) came and sat on my deck railing watching me while I had my morning Makade-mashkikiwaaboo (coffee). The sun caught its feathers and the shimmer of purples and blues was fascinating. It reminded me of the Ojibwe story of how the gaagaagi stole the moon, stars and sun to give them to people. 

The gaagaagi is a friend to both ma’iingan (wolf) and makwa (bear) as they will gather on a dead animal calling to wolves and bears. The wolves and bears with their sharp claws are able to tear through the hide thus helping the gaagaagi to also feed. This piece is designed to celebrate the beauty of their plumage while also capturing and portraying their intelligence directly to the viewer. The gaagaagi with their quiet and piercing gaze gizhaazh (watches) over all of us. 

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