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Catching Canoe Country Walleyes: Quetico and Boundary Waters Jig Fishing Secrets

catchingcanoecountrywa_opt~s250x500By Craig Zarley
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, $12.95

This self-published 80-page paperback is a quick read and, as the title suggests, focuses on catching walleyes in Minnesota and Ontario’s canoe country wilderness. Zarley, who is based in Rhinelander, Wis., notes that much of the available walleye information out there concerns fishing from a boat. The approach is a little different from a canoe, and Zarley talks mainly about using jigs, which are one of the most effective ways of catching walleyes. He shares secrets and tips, such as reading the wind and current, and stresses that anglers shouldn’t let the walleyes come to them.—Javier Serna

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