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Artwork by Sam Zimmerman.

Buffalo Carries the Medicine

I was recently asked if I had ever painted a bizhiki (buffalo), as they are a respected awesiinh (wild animal) for any Indigenous peoples. When I sat down and thought about it, the bizhiki (buffalo) provided food, hides for clothes and warmth during the cold biboon (winter) season. I wanted to capture the warmth of ziigwan (spring) in this painting, with the waabishkaa bizhiki (white buffalo) running through the ozhaawashkwaa mashkosi (green grass).

The sacred ishkode (fire) is between them, burning shkodawabuk (sage) to the ancestors. The phases of the moon are high above them representing the passing of time as mashkiki obimiwidoon awe mashokde bizhiki (buffalo carries the medicine). The medicine of this painting is finally captured in the waawiyezidibikgiizisoog (full moon) in the center. 

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