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Around a Woodsy Corner

img_4875_opt~s250x500By Marcy Bolinger
Illustrated by Rhonda Weitzel

Marcy Bolinger says Around a Woodsy Corner may be her first and only book. She enjoyed writing it, but she didn’t realize how much work it would eventually entail.

“It took three years to write and publish,” she says.

Inspired by time spent in the woods with her grandchildren, Bolinger, who has a cabin on Tom Lake north of Hovland, wrote a book about going for an ATV ride and encountering northwoods wildlife along the way. It is colorfully illustrated by Rhonda Weitzel, her sister-in-law.

“My grandchildren have a love for the area,” Bolinger says. “Where else can you go out and see a moose?”

Around a Woodsy Corner is available at North Shore gift shops. —Shawn Perich

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