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Katie Viren

Worried about your Student Loan Payments?

Katie is a member of our Northern Wilds staff who is laid off during the shutdown. She learned the following information about her student loan and wants to share it with others who are in similar circumstances.
I contacted my student loan provider (Navient). I was concerned about making payments while laid off. I followed the prompts in their “Contact Us” section, and let them know I was laid off because of Covid 19 and asked them what my options were.
The first response was the “we’ve received your email and you should hear back from us in 4 or 5 days. 4 or 5 days later and 2 emails later I got “We’ve applied a temporary disaster relief forbearance. During this forbearance, no payment will be due. We’re here to help. We know these are difficult times for you. Please know, we will do everything we can to provide flexibility in managing your loan payments in the weeks ahead.”

I’m not sure the length of this forbearance, but any little thing helps at this point.

-Katie Viren


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