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This is my daughter Shylah Schamberger with a stash of “trophies” we found together while snorkeling at a lake in the Superior National Forest. We went out for a short weekend camping trip and she was having fun learning how to snorkel and swim with the fish, which turned into a treasure/trash hunt for the two days we were there. We had an opportunity to make the lake just a little more beautiful. This picture is our haul from the first day of the cleanup. We ended up removing an entire large garbage bag’s worth of trash from the lake, and finding some pretty cool old bottles, cans, fishing lures, a two-way radio, pair of Oakley sunglasses, some nice scissors, and a “No Spearing” sign. | ANDREW SCHAMBERGER

Enter Your Trophy Trash!

Every month we will publish a photo of our readers showing off their trash trophies. If we select your photo, you’ll win a gift certificate from Cook County Home Center. To enter, send your photos to:

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