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Artwork by Sam Zimmerman. | SUBMITTED

The Crane Carries Medicine

Obimiwidoon mashkikii a’aw ajijiaak

When I lived on the east coast and found myself with a nigashkendam (heavy heart) and manidoo (spirit), I would giiwe (go or come home) to my doodem (clan/family) in Minnesota and Gichi-onigamiing (Grand Portage). It was with coming home and sitting agamiing (on the shore) of Gichi-gami (Lake Superior) that I would give up my worry and stress before returning back east. I was driving home a few weekends ago when an ajijaak (sandhill crane) bimibide (flew along) my car and it reminded me of the mashkawizii (strength), nibwaakaawin (wisdom), and zaagi (love) of my aanikoobijiganag (ancestors) that I carry. I painted this piece to remind me of this fact.

The ajijaak (sandhill crane) has returned to the shores of Gichi-gami (Lake Superior) carrying this medicine from the aanikoobijiganag (ancestors). There are niizhwaaswi (seven) zhingobiiwaatigoog (pine trees) in the background representing the grandfather teachings.

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