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My Journey Home, by Sam Zimmerman. | SUBMITTED
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My Journey Home

My desire to be close to my family, Gitchi Gami (Lake Superior), and Gichi-onigamiing (Grand Portage) brought me back home after 23 years on the East Coast. Since moving back home to Onigamiising (Duluth), I have been painting the stories of my family, my experiences and stories shared with me. This newest piece is the closest I’ll come to writing my autobiography and captures my journey of the past year. My manidoo (spirit) has waited for me to find my path again by listening to and following manidoo

This piece celebrates returning home, focusing on my family’s doodem (clan) the ajijaak (crane) (spiritual leadership/advisers); meeting with a maang (loon) (spiritual leadership) and a makwa (bear) (guardian and provider of the family) along the shores of Gitchi Gami with the ancestors above represented by the migizi (eagle) (the four hearts are for my grandparents who have never left me). Five-mile Rock north of Grand Marais is in the background. The seven Grand Father teachings are represented in the zhingwaak (pine trees) scattered throughout.

My work can be found online on Instagram and Facebook under the name Crane Superior and I can be reached at:

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