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Makwa and Aamoo (Bear and the Bee)

With Father’s Day approaching soon, I wanted to share a piece that I completed to honor the men (the fathers, uncles, brothers and grandfathers) who gather and provide for their families. My imbaabaa (father) and his three brothers together had a total of 14 children that they provided for and shared their stories with. Some of my favorite memories are the times I spent up in Gitchi Onigaming (Grand Portage) alongside my imbaabaa, his brothers, my aunties, and all of my cousins around the niibin (summer) campfires sharing stories and laughing.

This piece reflects my imbaabaa and his brothers in the total number of zhingwaak (pine trees; four), the hearts on the wings of the aamoo (bee; four). Both the Makwa (bear) and the aamoo provide for their tribes and this piece honors their care of family. Happy Father’s Day to those men who provide for their families and their communities.

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