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Artwork by Sam Zimmerman. | SUBMITTED

Kitchibitobig Ma’iingan: Grand Marais Wolf

This past Gashkadino-Giizis (Freezing Moon/November), my niiji (friend) and I had a Dark Skies gallery reception in Kitchibitobig (Grand Marais). Afterwards, we got in the car to head zhaawanong (south) to Onigamiising (Duluth). We were no more than naanan (five) miles out of Kitchibitobig (Grand Marais) when we saw a chi ma’iingan (large wolf) standing on the left shoulder of the road. My niiji (friend) got to witness my u-turn skills on Highway 61 as I turned around to watch her. She had walked across the highway heading up the shoulder away from Gichigami (Lake Superior). The dibiki-giizis (moon) was full and she stood with such grace and strength under it. We had just spent the drive up to Kitchibitobig (Grand Marais) sharing stories and talking about what inspires us. I got home from the drive and fell into bed. I sketched her out a couple weeks later and have finally finished it. There are 321 anangoog (stars) for the day of the year of the exhibition opening.

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