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Rainbow Trout are among the fish species to be surveyed. | STOCK
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Grand Marais area fisheries survey work

Grand MaraisFisheries staff from the Minnesota DNR Grand Marais area office will conduct surveys and assessments on several Cook County lakes and streams during the next few months. Waters scheduled for surveys or assessments (by week) include:

Rainbow Trout are among the fish species to be surveyed. | STOCK
Rainbow Trout are among the fish species to be surveyed. | STOCK

May 23 Survey Brule River

May 30 Continue Brule River, mark Splake in Thrasher Lake

Jun. 6 Continue Brule River, survey Talus, Missing Link and Ram lakes

Jun. 13 Recapture Splake in Thrasher Lake, continue Brule River, survey John Lake

Jun. 20 Survey Crooked, Owl and South lakes

Jun. 27 Survey Olga, Moore, Hand, Iron, and Little Iron lakes

Jul. 4 Survey Rice, Wampus and Hungry Jack lakes

Jul. 11 Survey Tom, Homer and Flour lakes

Jul. 18 Survey Romance Lake and continue Brule River survey

Jul. 25 Continue Brule River, survey Poplar and East Bearskin lakes

Aug. 1 Continue Poplar, survey Crystal and Devilfish lakes, survey Mistletoe Creek and Onion River

Aug. 8 Survey White Pine, Iron, Little Iron lakes, survey Portage Brooke, and Elbow Creek

Aug. 15 Survey Ray Lake.  Assess fish populations on the Flute Reed River, Cascade River, Kadunce Creek, Devil Track River and Irish Creek

Aug. 22 Survey Devilfish and Two Island lakes. Assess fish populations on Kimball and Junco creeks

Aug. 29 Survey West Bearskin and Swamp lakes (near Poplar Lake). Assess fish populations in Temperance River and Gauthier Creek

Sep. 5 Survey Mavis and Gust lakes 

Sep. 12 Survey Cherokee and Pine lakes (near McFarland Lake)

Sep. 19 Survey Rose and West Pike lakes

Sep. 26 Survey Moss Lake

Oct. 3 Survey Moosehorn and Shoe lakes

Oct. 10 Survey Pine Mountain Lake, lake trout spawn-take in Mountain Lake

Oct. 17 Survey Pancore and Olson lakes, complete lake trout spawn on Mountain Lake

Preliminary results for many of the 2016 surveys should be available this fall. Final reports will be completed by the spring of 2017. Final lake survey results will be available online at or from the Grand Marais area fisheries office. Questions and general information about area lakes and streams can be addressed to the DNR’s Grand Marais area fisheries office by calling 218-387-6021 or emailing

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