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Artwork by Sam Zimmerman. | SUBMITTED

Gichi-Onigaming Bizhiki: Grand Portage Bison

Gichi-Onigaming (Grand Portage) received niizhwaaswi (seven) bizhiki (bison) to begin its okwiinowag (herd) this past Iskigamizige-giizis (April). One of the bizhiki (bison) was ningigishkawaawas (pregnant) when it arrived. Among the adults, a little light colored bizhikiins (calf) stands out among the larger and darker niizhwaaswi (seven) adults.

With bizhiki (bison) being at Gichi-Onigaming (Grand Portage), I wanted to jiikakamigad (celebrate) the recent birth of the bizhikiins (calf), capturing the nimaamaa (mother) and abinoojiinyens (baby) sharing an intimate moment in the quiet mookise (morning/dawn) light. The addition of this little one brings a promise of new beginnings.

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