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Cascade Vacation Rentals to expand operations

LutsenWorkforce housing remains a chronic problem in Cook County. Collective efforts are being made to address this problem on a county-wide basis through an affiliation of related groups and private business owners, including the “Go Cook County” Coordinating Team. To help bridge that gap on a smaller scale, Cascade Vacation Rentals (CVR) began developing a campus project in September. The project will consist of the following:

• Workforce housing. New modern apartments fully furnished with the ability to convert additional space for housing needs and/or add additional new units as demand dictates.

• Central supply and laundry. Having the ability to centralize key operations including laundry, supplies and maintenance under the campus concept will enable greater quality control and efficiencies to all clients served.

• Other building uses. Future expansion opportunities within the new building are currently being examined. Possible uses include a 501(c)3 structured day-care facility, private office space and other uses.

Cascade Vacation Rentals, LLC is in the vacation home rental business, managing properties throughout Lake, Cook and St. Louis counties and along Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior.

The addition of the new building will compliment the office and overall operations, all within a convenient Lutsen location. Project completion is scheduled for late 2015 early 2016.

For additional information on the company and/or the project, contact Steve Surbaugh ( or Mike Larson ( Or call 218-663-7971.

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