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Calling the Pack

Ma’iimgan wiikomaad iniyen owiijima’iinganan

I have seen a number of wolves and coyotes lately. This past month, I was heading up to Two Harbors when I saw what I thought was a waawaashkeshi (deer) walking parallel down Highway 61. As I slowed down, I realized it wasnt a deer but looked like an animosh (dog). When I was no more than niso (three) car lengths away, I realized it was a ma’iingan (timberwolf). It slowly trotted off the road and climbed up the median standing in the morning giizi (sun). This experience reminded me of last biboon (winter) when I was home in Gichi-onigamiing (Grand Portage) and I could hear the ma’iinganag (wolves) howling in the distance. It had a note of pleading and was so beautiful to hear the pack answer. With it being the holiday season for many, don’t forget to check in and call your own wolf pack.

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