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Artwork by Sam Zimmerman. | SUBMITTED

Biboon Waabizheshi: Winter Marten

Niizho-gikinoonwin (two years) ago on a cold Gashkidino giizi (November) morning, I was giizwedin (north) of Two Harbors bine (partridge) hunting when I slid off the road and got stuck. I remembered imbaabaa (my father’s) wisdom to me for if I ever got stuck or trapped in the goon (snow): “keep your feet dry and stay upright if you’re walking.” Well, I began to walk, when after ingo-diba’igan (an hour) or so a waabizheshi (marten) came out onto the shoulder of the road to ganawaabi (watch) and then walk with me. It stayed with me for about 20 minutes or so before it headed back into the trees.

After niso-diba’igan (three hours), I was picked up by a stranger and was taken to my niinimoshenh (cousin’s) house. I recently finished a waabizheshi (marten) commission in which I kept thinking about the one that kept me company on that gashkendam (lonely) cold road. I painted this piece to honor that visit.

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