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Grand MaraisDrury Lane Books in Grand Marais is holding an Arboreal Writing Contest, open to all ages. Participants are asked to submit a 300 word, tree-inspired story—fiction or nonfiction. Manager Gwen Danfelt provided a short story of her own.

“In kindergarten, I brought home a white spruce seedling and dutifully planted in in my backyard. I worried over its slow growth compared to mine, but as I reached double digits it reached my height. Then there were a few years of yellow needles and sickly growth, perhaps mirroring my own angsty teenage floundering. But we overcame, my tree and I, and are now standing tall, productive members of our respective communities.”

Winners will receive a book prize and have a chance to read their piece at Drury Lane Books on Saturday, May 20, alongside Josh MacIvor-Andersen, the editor of Rooted: The Best New Arboreal Nonfiction, and author of On Heights & Hunger, a memoir of professional and competitive tree-climbing. Everyone is welcome to attend. MacIvor-Andersen will also read from his new anthology on arboreal nonfiction and share stories on writing and editing. Event will begin at 7 p.m.

Entries must be emailed to by Saturday, April 29. Winners will be announced mid-May. For more info, contact Gwen Danfelt via email or call (218) 387-3370.

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