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Ajidamoo: Squirrel

Last week, as I went to the studio with arms full and trying not to spill makade-mashkikiwaaboo (coffee), I noticed a ajidamoo (squirrel) laying on the ground not moving (he is usually in my feeder). I went into the studio and then came back out, and he still didn’t move. He had nibo (died, journeyed home). Gashkendam (I was so sad). I put down my aseema (tobacco) for him, and wrapped him up.

Imbaabaa (my dad) called during this time and asked me what I was doing. I told him that I was preparing a maajaa’ (funeral) and explained what happened. I was upset as I didn’t see any signs of inaapinazh (wounds) on his body and he looked like he simply aapidingwaami (died in his sleep). How could this little one have passed? Imbaabaa (my dad) reminded me that all beings leave when they’re supposed to.

I had to honor one of my favorite awesiinyag (animals) who spent almost ningo-gikinoonowin (a year) visiting me and the bird feeders, with one coming into my studio to wiisini (eat) seeds while I painted.

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