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Surprise Spots for Frozen Treats

MaTaya Fairbanks and Andrew Hallberg enjoy an ice cream cone from Java Moose. | JAVA MOOSE

Summer has arrived on the North Shore. While many of us may be willing to indulge in frozen desserts year round, July is prime time for enjoying ice cream and its counterparts. The local ice cream shop is almost always a known entity, but there are also restaurants and cafes serving up frozen treats Continue Reading...

Don’t Eat Meat? You Have Options

The Growing Season’s Garden Grill Sandwich uses zucchini, onions, roasted red peppers and feta. |GROWING SEASON

When I came back from my first year of college a vegetarian, I quickly realized the North Shore was not a very friendly dining scene for those not eating meat. I remember one server trying to reassure me saying, “We have lots of options with chicken.” Luckily for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, Continue Reading...

Hometown Eats: Two Harbors Edition

The Two Harbors Dairy Queen has long been part of the community and a frequent stop for visitors and residents alike. | SUBMITTED

A maybe little known fact to readers: while I’ve made my home in Cook County, I’m a Two Harbors-ite at heart. I was born and raised in Two Harbors, back when babies were born in the little hospital and we weren’t allowed to cross 7th Avenue to Dairy Queen on our own (cue Continue Reading...